FOKOFPOLISIEKAR: New music video and The sound of FOKOF unplugged (LIVESTREAM) announced!

Teen die Wet Music Video

Teen die Wet is a piano-driven ballad from Fokofpolisiekar’s latest EP, Kajuitkoors, which was released in October this year.

Renowned artist, Lionel Smit, shot this music video while the guys were recording Kajuitkoors at Sunset Studios.

The video does not just capture the beauty of the studio setting on the private Wechmarshof country estate, but also the feelings the band members were experiencing while recording Teen die wet. As explained by Hunter: ‘’It’s about the psychological effects of the lockdown. I’ve cried a few times while listening to it when I think of all the horror stories of lockdown that has nothing to do with the virus.”

The sound of FOKOF unplugged (LIVESTREAM)

Date: Sunday, 29 November 2020
Start: 4pm
Duration: 90 minutes
Event hashtag: #fokofunplugged
Facebook event
Additional: After the livestream has ended, it will be available to be re-watched for 48hrs.

At the end of November Fokofpolisiekar will unplug their electric guitars and switch to acoustic instruments to create a livestream show completely different from their usual explosive sound.

2020 has been an intense year, so Die Bende is keen to embrace the onset of summer with acoustic and piano adaptations of their music.

There is no greater setting than a lazy Sunday afternoon with a Fokof Lager or a glass of Marras wine in hand, a braai going in the background; surrounded by friends and family while singing along to your favourite FOKOF tunes.

Expect to hear Fokof songs like never before. Expect to hear The Sound Of FOKOF unplugged. Do-Re-Fokn-Mi!

The sound of FOKOF unplugged will be streamed live from the artist and band friend, Lionel Smit’s, studio in Somerset West.

“We have not done a completely unplugged show since the Monoloog album launch shows in 2005. It is exciting as we have written loads of songs since then which we can re-work for this unplugged show. I am super keen to perform our latest ballad, Teen die wet, from the Kajuitkoors EP released in October this year. Also amped for songs like Paranoia which we never perform live,” says Francois van Coke.

What to expect from the #fokofunplugged livestream:

“Just like our 17th birthday livestream we want to create something that is unique and that will be remembered for years to come. 2020 is a crazy year and by livestreaming this show we will also document how we ended it off. The best part is that anyone can be part of this historic moment; just by tuning in,’’ says Jaco Snakehead Venter.

  • It will be the first FOKOF unplugged show in years;
  • FOKOF songs will be performed in a way you have not heard them in a very long time or even ever;
  • It is a Sunday afternoon show and the idea is to enjoy watching the show while braai’ing or just hanging out with friends and family;
  • Like-minded people watching together from all over the world;
  • Live Zoom rooms to interact with other viewers and the band members;
  • Live interactions with the band members via social media;
  • Commenting and interacting with each other on the livestream page chat box;
  • Loads Fokof Lager and Marras wine being consumed – responsibly!

 How will the livestream work:

  • Ticket holders will receive their unique livestream link as soon as the order has been processed on iTickets. This unique link will also be resent on the day of the event. With this unique link the ticket holder will be able to access the livestream on the event day by entering the email address used when the ticket was purchased, plus your order number.
  • The easiest option is to connect your laptop to your TV via a HDMI cable.
  • If you have any device (Apple TV, Google Chromecast, etc.) that can ‘airplay’ or ‘screen mirror’, you will be able to play it from your phone to the device.
  • Alternatively, you can enjoy watching the show on your smartphone or tablet in your hand or the laptop on your lap, with easy access to the video player’s chat box.

FOKOF unplugged – the backstory:

In 2005,the Fokofpolisiekar released an album titled Monoloog In Stereo. It was a more toned-down sound than their previous two punk rock releases.

‘’We realised that live music venues which accommodated full-blown rock shows were limited and, by producing something a bit more stripped-down, we could perform at more venues when touring the country,’’ says Johnny de Ridder.

From 2007 onwards, the band started playing less shows and these acoustic performances fell away, except for a few Barnyard Theatres and Kirstenbosch shows where the band would open up the rock set with an acoustic set.

‘’The acoustic set has always been me switching to acoustic guitar and us playing the Monoloog songs and a few other toned-down versions of songs like Ek skyn (heilig) and Klipgooi glashuis. I would not call it unplugged or even acoustic, really. It is more like light rock,’’ says Hunter Kennedy.

To finish off this crazy COVID-year, Fokof has decided to go full unplugged for, what could potentially be, their last livestream show.

‘’With the restrictions on gatherings that came with COVID-19, we had to revert to livestreaming to generate income, but you can only stream that many times. So this could potentially be our last, but this stream will be something special that can be experienced by fans, family and friends from all over the world in real time. That is the beauty of livestreaming – a show instantly becomes an international concert,’’ says Wynand Myburgh.


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