Cindy-Louise releases new song – Make it out here alive!

Sometimes we all wonder whether we are going to Make it our here alive!

“Sometimes, showing our weakness is the strongest thing we can do.” – Cindy-Louise

Following hot on the heels of her popular Christmas single, A Different Little Christmas, comes a brand-new track from South African singer-songwriter based in The Netherlands, Cindy-Louise. 

MAKE IT OUT HERE ALIVE is the first single off her upcoming album’s official release, and tells the story of feeling like you don’t belong; a tale cleverly told through the eyes of a high school student who is constantly bullied and looking to get away from it all.

“The song is about a teenager who sees life in a totally different and creative way and as a result is ignored in class. While it hurts, blocking it out and trying to escape reality seems to be the only option,” she explains. “The song explores the fine balance between survival and being driven over the edge.”

While the theme is universal, MAKE IT OUT HERE ALIVE is very personal, says Cindy-Louise. She was inspired to pen the Indie Rock trackafter thinking about her own school journey. “Life is about finding out who you are, but it’s hard to accept yourself when your peers don’t support or understand you. Although the emotional wounds may heal, the scars will always be there. This single is my message to the world to show that life is full of good and bad memories – it is what makes each of us who we are. Sometimes, showing our weakness is the strongest thing we can do.”

She believes, however, that the message is open to interpretation and that listeners of all ages will be able to relate. “Situations don’t have to be identical for people to find meaning in a song. We are often able to see ourselves in the lyrics – that doesn’t necessarily mean we went through the same experience.”  

The singer draws inspiration from everything around her and her songs are especially inspired by deep-rooted social and/ or emotion issues; a fact that is clear from the description of her upcoming album, Humanity, which is due for its official release on 19 March 2021. 

Offering an intriguing blend of genres, the album is a showcase of the singer-songwriter’s versatility. Despite the genre diversity, Humanity has a central theme – every track is about human nature and the emotions people experience: love, sadness, happiness, rebellion, stress, disappointment, and change. “The inspiration behind ‘Humanity’ was to put all my feelings into one playlist; to portray what I was feeling through my songs. I use music to speak my truth, and through MAKE IT OUT HERE ALIVE I want to let people know that they are not alone.”

MAKE IT OUT HERE ALIVE is complemented by a music video directed by Zowik Abramov of Kelin Media and choreographed by Kevin Kenrick Eduardo Gumbs.  It emphasises the feeling of being trapped versus finding freedom. 

“The school scene is meant to look claustrophobic and small, with the outdoor space reinforcing the concept of breaking free. As the song is about self-expression, I wanted that to be translated into the video,” she shares. “I don’t like to tell people what to think, so I did not want there to be a solid storyline, but rather something more magical looking with a focus on the arts. The video is merely suggesting that if you allow yourself to break free, your colours and spirit will flow. Ultimately it is open to interpretation and imagination.” 

Cindy-Louise started piano lessons at the age of sixteen and completed a Bachelor of Music in 2018. Although she has been singing for many years, she only seriously started pursuing a career in music in 2019 – a decision driven by a move to the Netherlands, where she found herself dabbling with styles, genres, emotions, and vocal techniques. 

“I originally studied opera and jazz but moving abroad enabled me to find a musical freedom I had never experienced before. In turn I started creating my own music, which allowed me to dabble with styles, genres, emotions, and vocal techniques. Creating my own music helps me express my individuality and to accept myself,” says the musician.

She may be a relative newcomer but has already proven that she is an Indie Rockstar in the making. MAKE IT OUT HERE ALIVE not only showcases her talent and versatility as a singer-songwriter but is also the perfect teaser of what she has planned for the future. 

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