The Sound of FOKOF Unplugged – LIVE Album & LIVE Music Video & LIVE Upcoming Shows

At the end of November 2020, Fokofpolisiekar unplugged their electric guitars and switched to acoustic instruments to create a livestream show that was completely different from their usual explosive sound. Viewers and the audience were treated to Fokofpolisiekar songs like they’ve never heard them before – The Sound of FOKOF Unplugged… and all this magic was recorded onto a live album.

The Sound of FOKOF Unplugged was captured at celebrated artist Lionel Smit’s studio in Somerset West on a lazy Sunday afternoon with a braai in the background and with Fokof Lager flowing; surrounded by friends, family and FOKOF VIP guests singing along to their favourite FOKOF tunes.

Dane Taylor engineered and recorded the songs live and did the final mixdown at his studio in Cape town. The songs were mastered by Tim Lengfeld.

To Listen to the The Sound of Fokof Unplugged: Click HERE

The Sound of FOKOF Unplugged: Track listing + Original album release titles + Dates:

It is always a family affair with Fokofpolisiekar. The band got their fans to weigh in on the song selection for the set on social media; resulting in their fans choosing the track list for this live album.

  1. EK GLO IN DIE SON (Selfmedikasie 2017)
  2. WINTERSDAG BY DIE (Monoloog in Stereo 2005)
  3. KLIPGOOI GLASHUIS (Brand Suid-Afrika single 2006)
  4. TEEN DIE WET (Kajuitkoors 2020)
  5. PARANOÏA (Single 2014)
  6. HEMEL OP DIE PLATTELAND (As Jy Met Vuur Speel Sal Jy Brand 2003)
  7. EK DINK AAN JOU AS DIT REËN (Monoloog in stereo 2005)
  8. VASBESLOTE KORPORASIE (DEEL 2) (Swanesang 2006)
  9. BEL VIR MIDDELVINGER (Swanesang 2006)
  10. MONOLOOG IN STEREO (Monoloog in stereo 2005)
  11. DIE ILLUSIE VAN VEILIGHEID (Monoloog in stereo 2005)
  12. DAG DRONK (Vanfokkingtasties 2012)
  13. EK SKYN (HEILIG) (Swanesang 2006)
  14. KOMMA (Selfmedikasie 2017)

To watch FOKOF’s LIVE music video – Teen die Wet: Click HERE

** Fokofpolisiekar dedicates this music video to late photographer Henry Engelbrecht who passed away on 10th May 2021.

The music video is a combination of Fokofpolisiekar performing Teen die wet live, intercut with photographs by Albert Retief.

Albert is a documentary photographer, traveller and friend of the band. At the end of 2019 he came back to South Africa to visit his family who live in Bellville, Cape Town.

The COVID-19 lockdown and restrictions put a temporarily stop to his nomadic lifestyle. He made use of his forced holiday to document his experiences, frustrations and the community in his hometown during the first wave of COVID-19 in South African.


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