Claire Hopkins releases single, Keeper!

The dictionary defines a “keeper” as someone with good qualities, who you can have a long relationship with. This is exactly what singer-songwriter Claire Hopkins found when she met Stuart – her boyfriend and the inspiration behind her first original single.

KEEPER is this beautiful young artist’s first original release, but her third single overall – she released covers of Drunk in May and Undo It in July this year. Her second original track is currently in production and the music video of KEEPER will be available soon.

Titled KEEPER, the country/ pop song tells the story of meeting someone special and knowing on the first date that it is meant to be. “After finally managing to walk away from a turbulent relationship which lasted five years, I felt like I’d completely forgotten who I was,” says the singer. “So, when I met Stuart, I was in complete disbelief that someone like him would be even vaguely interested in me. He is incredibly mature, generous, kind, loving, talented, supportive, and ambitious. We have a lot of fun together and can be ourselves around each other.”

In addition to the single being very personal – “the melody and tempo reflect the fun and laughter we share,” says Claire – KEEPER is also real, raw, and authentic as the lyrics tell the story of how she met the love of her life. She believes that it will be well received by listeners as it is light-hearted, positive, and full of fun. “At a time when we are constantly surrounded by negativity and bad news, my hope is that KEEPER will spread joy and instil hope in others. Most importantly, my wish is that it will make people feel good, even if it’s just for a few minutes.” 

Claire was born in Durban and moved to Johannesburg with her family when she was four. Growing up, she was passionate about music and performance and joined a vocal studio when she was in high school. She recorded her first cover, Adele’s Someone Like You, at the age of seventeen.

Currently busy with an internship in educational psychology, she has an undergraduate degree in Education, two honours degrees (Educational Psychology and Remedial Therapy), and a master’s degree (Educational Psychology).

For Claire, her love for music is closely linked to her passion and career. “As a psychologist, I work with people’s stories, feelings, emotions and life experiences daily. In a similar way, music creates a platform for people to express themselves and tell their stories.”

She adds: “My love for music is multi-dimensional. Firstly, it creates a space to connect with others; secondly, there’s a genre for every mood; thirdly, there is a song for every life experience; and finally, it provides a platform for sharing experiences and expressing yourself. From both an artistic and professional perspective my goal is to uplift, connect with and support those that are in need.”

She is inspired by family and friends, relationships, wanting to both connect with and make others feel good, as well as by the desire to spread joy, hope and positivity. And although she was initially only planning to record a few songs for her family to enjoy, the experience of writing and recording pushed her out of comfort zone and made her realise her artistic potential. “It’s been such a rewarding and fulfilling journey, and I’m so grateful for the opportunity to develop this side of myself.”

As for her future plans, she says that she is just going with the flow and seeing where life takes her.

KEEPER is now available on all digital platforms. Download it here: 

Instagram: @claire_bear_hopkins
TikTok: @clairehopkins357

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