Exhilarating Electro Pop single by Pierre Nel

COLLIDE is an exhilarating Electro Pop single by Pierre Nel. This single will surprise even the toughest critics with deep lyrics, a relevant topic, powerful melody and great production.

“The song is about passion and fire. It was written for all and will be relatable to those who strive towards excitement and adventure in their relationships,” says Nel about the song he wrote.

The single narrates the fiery relationship that exists between two people who constructively challenge one another in a relationship. Their fights spark from passion which translates into volatile but intimate co-existence. Yet they find intimacy in their challenges and arguments.

Like two stars caught in rapid and close orbit, they indulge in a fiery harmony, craving nothing more than the heated flames burning brightly for one another. However, the song in no way supports or suggest any practices relating to domestic violence.

Nel shares that the song was written as an expression of self and as a result of his own experiences.

“It is therefore the creation derived from powerful memories and reminds me of many lessons learnt. We need to be challenged to grow and I hope to bring pride, purpose and relief into everyday ‘non-fairy tale’ relationships.”

The talented singer believes the lyrics are honest and relatable. It rebels against the paradigm of good relationships being classified only by constant sunshine and roses.

“I am therefore excited to publicly release this song to broaden its reach and help more couples realise that the presence of friction in no way prognosticates a relationship and, in some ways, may have exciting outcomes. Peace is the ultimate outcome, but friction shapes people into harmony.”

The planned music video will depict the burnout of passion and is set in a desolate environment to metaphorically emphasise an aftermath or dystopia which might result from an overly zealous and excitingly volatile romance. This will be achieved by a passionate contemporary dance duo embodying the essence of an intense and fiery relationship. They will be
accompanied by edgy group choreography scenes involving a third-party dance group led by Luelsa Elsterhuysen and her team. The video will be shot by Luther from Yellow Lemon Media at Aeropark at the Coves space near Hartebeespoortdam. We are grateful towards Monte de
Dios for providing the practice venues for the choreography.

Nel is passionate about using his music to tell stories. His style until now has been motivating and easy-listening. The success of his two Afrikaans releases, KOP BO WATER and MIS JOU, paved the way forward. With COLLIDE he experimented with a much more passionate and aggressive tone.

As an artist the 27-year-old doctor looks forward to continuing to create and broadening his horizons in the music industry whilst pursuing his medical career in Ophthalmology. He grew up in White River next the the Kruger National park with his love for music and people alike forming this path to where he is now. This optimistic and energetic musician travels everywhere
with his guitar and Bible, ready for the next creative eruption to write his next song.

Pierre Nel social media handles:
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/thepierrenel/
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/thepierrenel
Twitter: https://twitter.com/pierrenel