New Single – GHOSTS – showcases Lillia Lessev’s talent!

GHOSTS Lyric Video:

While the country experienced an unprecedented nationwide lockdown, emerging singing sensation Lillia Lessev saw an opportunity – to work on a new single. The result is a powerhouse pop ballad called GHOSTS.

The single is about how, after a traumatic experience, you can be haunted by painful memories for a long time – it is not something you can just shake off and forget.

Gideon Botes produced this song, as well as some of her previous releases, and enjoys working with this talented musician. “Lillia was referred to me about two years ago by a mutual acquaintance. The first time this girl sang one of her songs in my studio, I literally could not believe the power of her voice, nor the maturity of her songs. Every song we have crafted in the studio, is some of the work that I am most proud to be associated with. I cannot wait to see how far this talented pop artist will go.”

The track was written by the talented teen singer-songwriter, who draws inspiration from various sources when writing. “I draw inspiration from books, movies and my own life experiences,” says Lillia. GHOSTS is, in part, based on personal experience, but is also interwoven with storytelling. We all go through things that might not seem like it will affect us that much, but when it starts to loop in our heads it is easy to lose sight of who we once were. It essentially becomes an entirely new trauma.”

The up-and-coming young star believes that the single will resonate with listeners of all ages as the theme is universal. “We all go through things that leave us changed forever. Whatever those experiences may be, each one is unique and unforgettable. GHOSTS is very dear to my heart, still chokes me up and was one of those songs that just poured out of me very quickly and naturally. I believe its message will touch others.” In addition, it is a powerful and beautiful song that, like its predecessor Heartless, is expected to be well received and widely enjoyed.

Lillia comes from a musical family that moved from Bulgaria to South Africa twenty-nine-years ago, and has had the opportunity to explore music from a young age. She started vocal training with Jolanda Becker at the age of twelve and, in addition to writing her own songs, she plays the guitar, piano and ukulele.

The singer-songwriter, who has written well over thirty songs, released her debut single, Heartbeat, in 2018. Shortly, thereafter, she got the opportunity of a lifetime when a family friend recommended that she enter a competition on Jacaranda FM. She won with her very first single and, as a result, got to perform at Jacaranda Day 2018.

Lillia subsequently released two more singles – Losing My Mind and Rusted. The latter was entered into The UK Songwriting Contest, where it reached the finals in two categories.

While COVID-19 essentially brought the world to a halt, it did not stop Lillia from pursuing her passion. She used the time to write and now has shelves filled with songs just waiting to be released! She also enjoyed quality time with her family and used lockdown to learn new skills. “This has been a wild year for all! Many of us didn’t get to do what we had planned, but lockdown and 2020, as difficult as it has been, also brought new opportunities. We may not have been able to do exactly what we had in mind, but this year came with a lesson… Life can change in the blink of an eye and you can either adapt and make the best of it, or get left behind. You can get stuck in the past or bounce back and open new doors!”

Talking about the future, the talented and tenacious teen star says she is eager to continue sharing her music.  “I am excited about what lies ahead and look forward to releasing new songs, connecting with listeners and spreading my messages around the world. Through my music, I just want people to understand that it’s okay for us to chase our dreams and want different things from each other. No one is the same and we need to embrace our uniqueness, but at the same time, as humans, we all feel similar emotions and we need to remember that we are not alone in that.”


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