Cindy-Louise offers something a little different for Christmas!

If you’ve heard All I want for Christmas is You one too many times, or if you’ve had your fill of Jingle Bells, then A DIFFERENT LITTLE CHRISTMAS may just be the festive song for you.

Penned and performed by South African singer-songwriter Cindy-Louise, the song depicts a traditional Christmas setting – the decorated tree, colourful candy canes, shimmering snow, and cheer – but with a sinister yet fun twist.

With an intriguing blend of genres – the track incorporates elements of Classical, Musical Theatre and Goth/Industrial – A DIFFERENT LITTLE CHRISTMAS is fun and energetic, but with a somewhat spooky, sassy, and sarcastic spin.

I really wanted to write a Christmas song, but I did not want it to be too traditional or typical Pop,” explains the singer-songwriter. “My husband has been encouraging me to add an eerie element to some of the new music I am writing. On Halloween, Tim Burton’s ‘A Nightmare Before Christmas’ popped into my head. It got me thinking about creating an unusual and theatrical song for the holidays.”

The song has special meaning for the artist. “It is a gift to my husband and I truly loved writing it. It is creative and theatrical and totally different from what I usually write.” That said, she believes that it will resonate with a wide audience. “Along with being sassy and theatrical, I believe the song relates perfectly to 2020. Let’s face it, Christmas this year is going to be unlike the festive holidays we are used to. Instead of being sad about it, we should embrace the fact that things are a little different and make the best of the situation.”

Cindy-Louise has been singing for about nine years, but only seriously started pursuing a career in music last year.

She started piano lessons at the age of sixteen and completed a Bachelor of Music in 2018. Originally studying opera and jazz, she moved to the Netherlands after university with the hopes of continuing her studies in the art of opera. Instead, she found a musical freedom she had never experienced before and started creating her own music, which allowed her to dabble with styles, genres, emotions, and vocal techniques. She released her debut album, Humanity, in October. 

“I took music at school and studied it at university, but I struggled with authority and syllabic structure, always wanting to be elaborate and different. Creating my own music helps me express my individuality and to accept myself. It makes me feel safe, transports me to a whole new world, and helps me to see life in a different light.”

In terms of inspiration, Cindy-Louise describes herself as a sponge. “I absorb everything and everything that I listen to has some sort of influence on me. As such, my inspiration could really come from anything – an emotion, a past or present experience, a movie…” Many of her songs also tackle deep-rooted social and/or emotion issues and she hopes to use her music to help spread awareness of these concerns.

With its playful melody and spirited lyrics, A DIFFERENT LITTLE CHRISTMAS will undoubtedly put you in a festive mood. The single is available for download from from 11 December.




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