Exclusive: Q&A with Cindy-Louise!

MAKE IT OUT HERE ALIVE is the first single off her upcoming album’s official release, and tells the story of feeling like you don’t belong; a tale cleverly told through the eyes of a high school student who is constantly bullied and looking to get away from it all.

During an exclusive quick Q&A interview, we chat to Cindy-Louise about her latest single. Watch the full video below:

“The song is about a teenager who sees life in a totally different and creative way and as a result is ignored in class. While it hurts, blocking it out and trying to escape reality seems to be the only option,” she explains. “The song explores the fine balance between survival and being driven over the edge.”

While the theme is universal, MAKE IT OUT HERE ALIVE is very personal, says Cindy-Louise. She was inspired to pen the Indie Rock track after thinking about her own school journey.

“Life is about finding out who you are, but it’s hard to accept yourself when your peers don’t support or understand you. Although the emotional wounds may heal, the scars will always be there. This single is my message to the world to show that life is full of good and bad memories – it is what makes each of us who we are. Sometimes, showing our weakness is the strongest thing we can do.”

Watch the music video for MAKE IT OUT HERE ALIVE