Wikus Botma releases brand new single – We’ll be Okay

Wikus Botma wants to say those loving words in brand new single 

The meaning of the three words, I Love You, is so powerful that it might be all that is required to heal people – or a relationship.  

In his brand new single, We’ll Be Okay, Wikus Botma emphasises that big solutions are sometimes unnecessary if people are only prepared to say these three words. 

“Sometimes one gets stuck in a relationship over unnecessary things and at the end, one can’t even remember what it was about. A simple ‘I love you’ might be all that is needed to make things okay again,” he said. 

This song, which falls in the contemporary genre, is from Wikus’s pen after he realised that so many people would identify with it. 

It is a common topic because we have all been in such a desperate situation in which we realize that love is greater than right or wrong,” he explained. 

According to Wikus, he wants this song to remind people that there is a way out and that one can make any relationship work – provided both are willing to fight for it. 

“I would like to build an emotional bond with the listener. We all go through the same things that makes it nice when we can all relate to each other,” Wikus said. 

Wikus released his first album, As Almal Weg Is, in 2012 This album enjoyed a nomination for a Ghoema Award for Best Alternative Album of the Year. 

“I want to reach a bigger market with my music and that is why I started writing in English – so more people can relate to the words,” he explained. 

For him, it is the everyday things and people that inspire him to write songs. 

“I would have also enjoyed being a motivational speaker, and I hope I can now motivate and inspire people through my music to be the best reporter of themselves,” he said. 

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