Afrikaans synth duo irritates with new single, “Ek en Jy, Dikgat”

MYMYMY​, an obscure music duo from Cape Town, seems to be fooling themselves by presenting their new “hit” – with the offensive title ​‘EK EN JY, DIKGAT’​ – as a shock comedy with intellectual bite. Even in the much loved techno-rap genre that ​MYMYMY ​is trying to satirise here, the lyrics come across as unnecessary, nonsensical and inappropriate.

This is ​MYMYMY’s ​first single from their debut (and so far untitled) upcoming album. According to Conrad van Breda, one half of ​MYMYMY​, all the tracks from the album tell a story, and ​‘EK EN JY, DIKGAT’​ must be seen in context. “It’s going to be like a musical,” he says. “Actually more of a low budget trash opera.”

Asked to explain the lyrics, he said: “I worked briefly in an unnamed town in the Swartland and could never understand, after many visits to Spar, why the women were so well groomed and slim while their husbands obviously could not care much about their appearance. Do they sit at the same table at dinner?”

ana Oosthuizen, the other half of ​MYMYMY​, adds: “I have found rap music offensive in the past because there is always a plus-sized man in a lot of clothes sitting around, while beautiful, slender and underdressed ​dames dance in the background. The lyrics of our song were written from these dames’​ point of view. That’s sarcasm. “

The music video – where a person in drag wanders aimlessly in contrasting landscape scenes and the artists’ heads sometimes float like in a sci-fi flop from the 70s – blurs the picture and cannot dampen the annoying tone.

But wait, there’s more​: Not only will the single and music video be released on ​April 1st​ on all digital platforms, but ​MYMYMY plans to redesign and sell the well-known Two Tone shirt as merchandise. “It will be colorful and biting. The fields will lighten up if a ​boer serves this look! ” Conrad exclaims excitedly.

Fantastic. Exactly what we need right now, right?

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