Lillia Lessev’s latest single, Goddess are being praised by media worldwide and promotes self-love!

When we think of passion, our minds are immediately drawn to the world of love and romance but have you ever thought about passion when it comes to success? While it may not guarantee you success, it is a crucial factor in achieving it.

Fuelling your motivation to achieve specific goals or accomplishments, having passion gives you a reason to keep striving and working towards ascertaining these goals. Giving you a sense of purpose, passion is a powerful force in accomplishing what we set our minds to and combined with talent; it is the force that helps turn dreams into reality. Talented teen singer-songwriter Lillia Lessev has an abundance of both as she released her latest single, Goddess, during June 2021.  As expected, it is receiving a lot of praise from radio nationwide and internationally and media are once again falling in love with her and her incredible talent.

Born in Pretoria, South Africa, the seventeen-year-old singer/songwriter comes from a musical family. In addition to starting her musical journey at the age of 12 (with vocal training from Yolanda Becker) and writing her own songs, Lillia also plays the guitar, piano and ukulele.

Gaining recognition in 2018 with her debut single Heartbeat, the talented singer-songwriter stole the hearts of thousands when she won a music competition on South African radio station Jacaranda FM, in which she opened at Jacaranda Day in 2018. Fueled with passion and a dream, Lillia Lessev is ready to hit local and international radio stations.

Her latest single, GODDESS, is a track all about self-love and empowerment. Described as a fun pop song with a powerful message, Lillia’s hopes that her brand new single will inspire people worldwide is becoming a reality! In a recent interview, the talented singer-songwriter stated, “I wanted this song to remind people that although there will always be someone trying to pull you down or diminish your value, you need to remember that you are so much more than that. None of us are perfect, but you should take all your experiences and own it! Wear it like a crown because that’s what makes you strong and special.”

Constantly working on new music, GODDESS is the singer-songwriter’s sixth single, and like her previous tracks, it was penned by the seventeen-year-old herself. As with several of her other songs, Lillia worked with producer Gideon Botes on GODDESS. “Every time we work together, I am amazed by the power of Lillia’s voice and the maturity of her songs. I am excited to be a part of this talented young pop artist’s journey,” he says.

The lyrics from the teen’s new single, “Take your throne; Show them who you are; In your ball gown and your battle scars”, are particularly meaningful to her in the sense that it holds a strong feeling of empowerment. The singer-songwriter also believes that just like the lyrics, everyone should own their experiences, pain, and scars like a queen and be proud of who they are.

According to Lillia, each song she writes holds a special place in her heart. “All of my songs are completely different, but they all have their own magical qualities and special meanings. I absolutely love GODDESS because not only is it so much fun to listen to, but I feel that its message speaks to everyone. It is a message to people to embrace who they are and to walk through life with power and glory.

The tenacious, talented teen is excited about the future and is constantly trying to break down barriers with her music, figuring out new ways to connect with her fans. Unlike anything Lillia has ever done before, her lyric video for Goddess does precisely that.

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The young singer-songwriter has always been encouraged by her parents to seek her own style and keep her music’s originality. Their belief in her, combined with Lillia’s talent and passion, is what drives this young artist.  The singer-songwriter has since gone on to say that she knows that she’s only scratched the surface of her career but knows that there’s still more amazing things to come.

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