Kyle September reveals a bit of himself with his new feel-good single, Analog Heart!

Singer-songwriter Kyle September, whose debut single Sweetness rocked local airwaves last year, has just announced the release of his second single.

ANALOG HEART is an upbeat pop song with personal significance. Written by Kyle, the inspiration for this song came while he was on tour in Botswana. “Part of the tour was a duo called Match. Their musical stylings inspired the aesthetic of ANALOG HEART,” he explains. The title, however, pays homage to 2008 American Idol-winner David Cook’s debut album.

“After his season on ‘Idols’ I was a fan and found he had released an album before the competition. I fell in love with the album and was intrigued at what the album title meant to me metaphorically. Years later, it became the perfect title for a song I wanted to write about myself.”

ANALOG HEART is deeply personal for Kyle, who admits that he generally finds it difficult to express his feelings, unless it’s in his most fluent language – music.

“The song is about me. It’s an explanation of how I think and function, and an admission that I know I’m difficult to understand sometimes. I can be very pragmatic. I’m great at taking emotions out of any situation to forge a clear path for efficient handling and problem solving. Truth is, I’m as emotional as the next guy. I just bottle it up. To make all this relatable, I’ve wrapped it up in the familiar form of a quirky love song.”

Despite the personal nature of the song, Kyle believes that it will appeal to a wide audience as it is catchy and aesthetically cute. “While it is fun to bob or sing along to, I think people will also relate to and appreciate the deeper meaning behind the song,” he adds.

ANALOG HEART follows on the feel-good, festive summer anthem Sweetness, which was released in December 2020. “The response to ‘Sweetness’ exceeded my wildest expectations,” says Kyle. “I wanted it to be a joyful summer hit, and I was very happy and excited that so many people were calling it exactly that!”

The artist is working on an accompanying music video for ANALOG HEART, more details of which will be released soon.

Kyle has been working in the industry for around ten years but has loved music for as long as he can remember. “While my mother was pregnant with me, my father would play guitar and sing to me. He taught me how to play guitar when I was 12 years old, and I’ve been playing guitar, singing and writing songs ever since.” It was his involvement in church youth bands as a teenager, however, that was arguably the most important stage in his growth as a young musician. 

When it came to playing instruments, Kyle didn’t stop at the guitar – he also learned to play bass guitar, drums, and a bit of piano before enrolling at the Wits School of Arts, where he graduated with a BMus Honours degree in 2016.

Kyle lists his career highlights as performing at Afriski, opening for Francois van Coke at the Misty Waters Festival, and co-hosting an online show with Graeme Watkins during lockdown. 

Although Kyle’s mind is occupied by music 24/7, he also enjoys playing sport and has been a part-time sports coach since 2009. In addition, he has two active corporate band projects, Mash’d Potatoes and Mobile Music Machine, which keeps him busy. Despite a full schedule, Kyle is currently working on his third single, as well as his debut album, which he aims to release early next year.

Like Sweetness, ANALOG HEART is sure to appeal to listeners of all ages thanks to its unique blend of feel-good pop combined with Kyle’s powerful voice.

The single is available for download on all digital platforms. Get it here:




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