Here’s the music video for Kyle September’s feel-good single, Analog Heart

Kyle September has just released the music video for his new feel-good single, ANALOG HEART and it is already creating a buzz on local social networks.

The video depicts the familiar battle between the heart and mind. “A woman in her twenty-something’s is in the throes of the honeymoon phase, experiencing the need for connection and the sting of neglect. Although there are joyful moments between her and her lover, these contradict the distance that is reflected in the text messages shared between them,” explains director Cole Matthews. “She overthinks and goes over the details repeatedly. Eventually, she hears the message of Kyle’s music, a cheesy 80’s pop star on a VHS tape and decides to stop seeking the affection that she isn’t going to get from her partner and to put the phone down.”

According to Cole, a bassist and classically trained pianist who also worked with Kyle on the music video of his debut single Sweetness, he came up with the idea for the video after the song transported him back to some of his own past relationships. “The music video plays with time in a narrative that’s conventionally told on a straight line. Everything is presented as normal, suburban drama, but we chose to mix things up by swapping wardrobe but cutting back into the same moment in order to disorientate people and amplify the lead character’s internal conflict.”

It was filmed in an apartment in Linden because they wanted a space that reflected a demographic that is interest in modern taste with retro call-backs to the 80’s.

ANALOG HEART is an upbeat pop song with personal significance. It was written by the singer-songwriter himself while he was on tour in Botswana. The title, however, pays homage to 2008 American Idol-winner David Cook’s debut album.

As an artist I love watching creatives put together a work of art. It’s even more special when it’s my own artwork that’s the basis,” says Kyle.

The director, Cole Matthews, is a good friend, talented musician and accomplished director. I trust his vision and professionalism. I gave Cole and the team he put together creative freedom and it was an absolute pleasure and honour watching them work and create. I’m very impressed with the music video they produced and I can’t wait for everyone to see their amazing work!

The single follows on the festive summer anthem Sweetness, which was released in December 2020.

Kyle has been working in the music industry for around ten years and he is currently working on his third single, as well as his debut album, which he aims to release early next year.

ANALOG HEARTis now available on all digital platforms.