Jason Bradley’s “Kickin’ Country” Concert


Fans of country music is in for a treat when Jason Bradley’s Kickin’ Country, Lefra Productions’ latest online Cellar Concert, will be streamed live online on Sunday 27 September at 17:00. 

Visit www.itickets.co.za to book your tickets for Kickin’ Country at only R120.00 per household. 

The Lefra Cellar Concerts are presented with the proud support of RSG, Sounds Good, Hollywood Costumes, Van Loveren Wines, Renegades Removals, Ambassador Execudrive, Q2V Productions and Savvy Holdings.

Like most Country musicians, Jason’s story begins in a small, off-the-beaten-track-town. Originally from Ficksburg in the Free State, Jason began playing guitar at the age of 4 years old when his father bought him his first guitar.  He not only mastered the guitar but also went on to learn a variety of other instruments; ranging from drums and piano to trumpet and accordion.  Jason went on to spend a few years in the UK, where he practised and honed his skill by playing and singing in various pubs and local venues. He would play at every dive bar, honkey tonk and local pub that would have him.

In 2003 he returned to South Africa and launched his reimagined comeback.  He was determined to play and master the art of “New Country”. Jason’s biggest influence and his gateway into Country music was a Brad Paisley CD he found in a new car. The car’s old owners had left the CD in the car when they sold it. It was after listening to the CD that Jason fell in love with Country Music.

Jason has been a quiet but unmistakable talent in this industry ever since.  In 2007, the legendary Ray Thomas introduced Jason to Lance James, who was so impressed with his talent that he invited him to participate in the first Country Legends & Friends shows (2008 and 2009).  Later Juanita du Plessis invited him to be a part of the KykNet Country programme, where he had the opportunity to share the stage with the legendary Tommy Dell.  Jason visited Nashville, the capital of Country music, in 2010, where he had the privilege to perform with world-renowned Chuck Jones.  The main reason for his visit was to meet with as many as possible producers and songwriters.  His album, This is Country Music, was released in 2012 and his album, Dirt Road, has reached the top ten charts in Norway and Ireland, and is doing very well internationally.  Jason was personally invited to represent South Africa in New Zealand at the Marton Country Festival in 2015.

Jason has since become a recognised force in the local Country music scene, and with his clean-cut appearance, excellent guitar picking and ability to project the true feeling of a good Country song, Jason Bradley is bound to become a Country star in his own right!

Kickin’ Country promises an evening of great entertainment, suitable for the whole family.  Get your tickets for the incredible music experience now at www.itickets.co.za.