Rubber Duc + Adam = A Cool collaboration and new single!

Come Again lyric video:

Serendipity is the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. And serendipitous is exactly how a cool new single – a collaboration between local bands Rubber Duc and ADAM – could be described.

The track, titled COME AGAIN, was never intended to be used by either group. In fact, it was written for a Korean record label. “Due to the global surge and uptake of KPOP, record labels and publishers are looking for English songs for their artists,” explains Rubber Duc’s frontman Nick Jordaan. “So, we – a group of artists working from Muse Studios – wrote COME AGAIN and sent it off on its merry way beneath the ocean to Korea. We write a lot of music for other artists, but there was something special about this song and we couldn’t get it out of our heads.”

ADAM’s Hugo Ludik agrees. “We ended up liking the song so much that we decided that ADAM and Rubber Duc had to perform it – and we are so glad we did!”

COME AGAIN, written by Nick, Hugo, Brendan Campbell and Amiel Gopal, is about how everyone, at some point in their lives, experience the return of someone familiar; someone that they know isn’t good for them, yet who is exceptionally hard to resist. “We all have people in our lives that keep coming back, like a boomerang or a revolving door,” says Nick. “That is why the song is something many people will be able to relate to and, like those hard-to-resist people, the song catches you unexpectedly in quite a few places.”

The feel-good track is unique in the sense that it wasn’t written to sound like either a Rubber Duc or ADAM song. “In fact, we wrote it with a very different mind-set. It wasn’t meant to be so precious to us, yet it was. And creating it was such a fun experience! We had been working together for months and toyed with the idea of working on a track together. We all agreed that this was the one after the demo had already been sent to Korea” says Nick.  

“Working with the guys from Rubber Duc is always an amazing and enjoyable experience,” says Hugo. “They are very professional and when we work together there is always a relentless drive for perfection. We hope people can hear it in COME AGAIN.”

ADAM has been making waves in the Afrikaans Music Industry since 2011 and shocked fans when they announced their break-up at the end of 2019. They just, however, made their return – with a new member! The trio, which now consists of Hugo, Kyle Grant and Stoff de Beer, also recently released a new Afrikaans single, LIEFDE IS, that is already spreading like wildfire.

The group has produced several gold status albums and numerous radio hits, including Liefde SoldaatKasteelGebore Om Jou Lief Te HêGoudHoogtevreesSal Oorlog Vir Jou MaakSê MyIets In Die Water and more. ADAM has won several music awards (Ghoema and SAMA) and even featured in the local blockbuster, Pad na jou Hart.

Rubber Duc, who burst onto the South African music scene in 2014, consists of Nick Jordaan (frontman), Brendan Campbell (lead guitar), Amiel Gopal (bass), Kabelo Seleke (saxophone) and Nicholas Mc Creadie on drums. The band released their debut album, The Secret Sunrise, in September 2016, which delivered numerous radio hits and secured them a spot at some of the country’s biggest music events.

While almost everything in the country has been on hold since March – including the band’s initial plans for this year – they have continued working. “We are happy to be in the studio producing music that we love, for ourselves and other artists, and we are excited for 2021! It’s hard to plan currently, but we are going to continue writing, performing, and creating music that we’re proud of. Oh, and hopefully we get to tour Korea!” 

Artistic collaboration has always been one of the biggest creative forces driving music and COME AGAIN is proof of what can be accomplished when great musicians team up. The track will hopefully be the first of many collaborations between Rubber Duc and ADAM.

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