YAHTO KRAFT releases upbeat party track ideal for the summer holidays!

Yahto Kraft has turned a daunting 2020 into a year of inspired creativity.

With the “extra” time available not being able to gig or grace any performance stages, Yahto has used the time in lockdown to work on and release back-to-back popular singles, the third of which drops today, Friday 27 November across all digital platforms.

OVER THINKING is an upbeat party track, ideal for the December and summer holidays. Written by Yahto back in 2019 around New Year’s when he was “partying like an absolute rock star”, he joined forces with renowned producers Tjaart van der Walt and Sybrand Johan van Dyk during lockdown to record the single.

Says Yahto Kraft; “This song is inspired by partying and not necessarily being in the mood to do so! Your friends all want you to go out and have a good time, but your brain is too full to really have a good time. You give in and go out, and force yourself to have fun, and eventually, you convince yourself to just dance and drink and give yourself over to the party.”

Kraft continues; “The lyrics for OVER THINKING came to me after a rough night out, while I was having a bad brain day. I hadn’t seen my friends in weeks because of work, so essentially I forced myself to go out. When you aren’t in the mood to go out but do it anyway, you party WAY harder than you perhaps should. I got to a point where I just told to go with it, I’m over these thoughts that are holding me back, Im just going to party as hard as I can.”

The lyrics are from the perspective of an outsider, watching this wild party from above. The production includes horns and funky electric guitar and it almost has a bit of a 70’s twang to it, giving it a nostalgic feeling in every note.

The producers and Yahto wanted to create a party feel, with an underlying edge of discomfort in the first verse and bridge, which leads into a sense of freedom and release in the choruses. The breakdown in the bridge signals a coming to your senses kind of feeling, but pushing it aside and still just having an absolute blast.

Yahto concludes; OVER THINKING is a freeing song about leaving the bad feelings behind and switching your brain off for one night, no matter how difficult that might seem. It’s about just having a good time with those you hold closest to you, like friends and family. This song is about having a good time and being in the moment, no matter the consequences.”

OVER THINKING is available now for streaming and downloading on digital platforms by clicking on this link:

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