Kyle September has a sweet video!


Just weeks after talented singer-songwriter Kyle September released his feel-good, fun, and festive summer single SWEETNESS, his fans get spoiled with a fun music video exploding with colours.

The idea for the single, penned by Kyle, had an unusual origin. “I was on tour in Botswana with fellow musician and friend Lindo M. We were having breakfast one morning and, as we simultaneously took a bite of our food, we looked at each other. I asked Lindo ‘what is special about this?’. His response? ‘It’s that sweetness, that little bit of sweetness’,” explains Kyle.

Besides being a feel-good track that will undoubtedly put listeners in a festive mood, the single is special to Kyle for another reason. “I just love the vibe of the song! I’ve always wanted to write a song of the summer; one everyone plays at their house parties to get the holiday vibe going. But, from a musical perspective, SWEETNESS is my first song after truly discovering my sound. It’s a special piece of art that represents and embodies a coming of age and musical identity for me.” 

Video director Cole Matthews did an outstanding job as the music video definitely compliments the song’s upbeat lyrics and summer vibe.

The video was shot at Studio 9 in Randburg and produced by Cole Matthews and Claudia Somjen.

Although the on-set crew was reduced significantly to accommodate the venue and regulations, they did an outstanding job and is definitely worth mentioning:

Crew List: 
Director: Cole Matthews
Producer: Cole Matthews, Claudia Somjen
Director of Photography: Gavin Pincus
Editing: Neil de Almeida
Make-up: Andy Simoes
Dancers: Nina Erasmus, Mahashe, Alban Gamuti
Production Design, Wardrobe: Cole Matthews
Food Styling: Claudia Somjen, Cole Matthews, Brittney Mclean
Giant Cupcake Baker: ButterCupCakes – Brittney Mclean

SWEETNESS is available for download from these platforms: