Loufi is “Baas Vannie Plaas”

Loufi releases his first single from his anticipated debut album

Unapologetically honest, profound and hilarious, let us introduce you to the biggest underground Afrikaans rapper in South Africa.

After the shock success of the underground hit Ek Is Broke, and the infectious club banger Wit Skoene, as well as Boude the multitalented and versatile Loufi releases his newest track Baas Vannie Plaas.

“Baas Vannie Plaas is about being a boss in your own world. When you watch the music video it becomes clear that men are only the “boss” when the actual boss (the wife) is gone. Like the saying goes, behind every man is a greater woman!”, Loufi explains.

The concept of the music video focuses on the desire to live another person’s life but when we have that life, we​​see that not everything that glitters is gold.  There are also some well-known faces in the video making cameo appearances.

His debut album called “Gan sê jou mense” will be a combination of different genres as Loufi refuses to be placed in a box. All the tracks on his album deals with his personal experiences and his observations of life.

Loufi’s story is far from finished, in fact, it is only the beginning.

Listen to Baas Vannie Plaas here HERE

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