Early B drops “Funky-Kaans” album on all digital platforms!

Early B (Earl Swartz), the favourite rap artist export from Port Elizabeth releases his second commercial album on 19 February 2020, after a hugely successful gold selling debut album. The very first Afrikaans rap artist to be signed to Universal Music South Africa, brings with him a slew of tunes that promises to move the listener to dance, think, listen and most importantly, laugh.

Principally known for his comical riffs, yet hard-hitting punchlines, Early B spices it up this time by adding a funk twist to the overall feel of the “Funky-Kaans” titled album. “One thing I’ve learned in the 11 years that I have been doing music, is that the more honest you are in your creation process, the more attractively you reach your audience. It’s like a dance. You want your partner to want to dance with you. I see my supporters as my partners”, says the 3-time Ghoema Award winning rapper. Funky-Kaans was recorded during lockdown in September 2020 and its evident that Early B’s mind was freshly focused on bringing a feeling of buoyant joy to his listeners. The 16-track album takes you on a musical story of experiences that anyone can identify with. “That’s my vibe. I live through others’ lives and learn through theirs and mine”, he explains. In the song titled “Forward”, he candidly raps about teenage pregnancy and dangers of unprotected sex…all in the unique comically true Early B style.

While the album features powerhouse Jack Parow, Early B made it a point to feature artists who have not hit the mainstream circle yet. His reasoning behind this is to fulfil the promise he made to himself, that once he has access to a platform to display deserving artists to the world, he would do just that.  “In my first album, I literally introduced myself and this time around I wanted to show more of my versatility”, he says. Taking a risk by seamlessly creating a funk-infused album, he shows his bold spirit to take a chance at being different in specifically the Afrikaans HipHop scene. His wordplay skills come through strongest on the firmer rap songs and his lyrical cadence is a welcome attribute. Always paying homage to his hometown, the final track called “Baainaar” has a distinct message to all artists who are coming up through the ranks, much like he did. He emphasises that this album is more than just music, but a universal message that gives people permission to keep doing what they love.

Funky-Kaans will be available for purchase and streaming on all digital platforms. This seems to be an absolute blessing, as Early B was among the top 10 most streamed Hip Hop artists for 2020. With an album that spouts out an entertaining compilation of musical storytelling, he definitely is the one to be watching and listening to.

Album Track Listing:

1: Moves is Bad
2: Forward
3: Moet Vat
4: Sak Sara (ft Jack Parow)
5: Forever or Never (ft Anny)
6: Slaai Krap
7: Sê Net (ft Bliksemstraal)
8: Loco (ft Miss Understood)
9: 2 Blesses 2 be Stressed (Christine Bam)
10: Niemand soos jy nie
11: Oooh Jinne
12: Side Piece
13: Hearties (ft Tertius Cuyler)
14: Blomme
15: Isie Nca Nie
16: Baainaar

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