Nathan Smith bids SA farewell with last single release!

Just two days before renowned South African guitarist, singer and songwriter Nathan Smith and his family will be relocating to the United Kingdom (UK) on 24 February 2021, he is releasing a last single to radio titled, RUNNING OUT OF CONTROL.

This is a song about how love and falling in love sparks new feelings and outlooks on life.  It’s how we have no control over who we have these feelings for and how they sometimes feel like a freight train that can’t stop”, says Nathan.  He wrote this song in 2019 for his album, HERE’S TO THE NOW, after thinking of his experience of love and life and how he saw love and relationships affect others in the same way.  “I want listeners to realise it’s ok to feel this way, and in some cases remind them to grab those feelings if it’s a distant memory”.

According to Nathan they are on track to leave for the UK on 24 February and even though the decision to leave was not taken lightly and they will most certainly miss South Africa, the UK currently offers several unmissable opportunities, one of which includes promoting his album and music to an international audience.

In a last farewell message from Nathan to his South African friends, family and fans he would like to say:

From a guy who mostly plays it safe, and lives within the lines of life, I want to say LIVE… Grab opportunities when they come your way, even if it means taking a chance, take a risk, love deeply and live freely.  I want to come to the finish line one day sliding on my knees!!  Thanks for the platform as a people and as supporters, SA will always be home.  Much Love.

Nathan is proud to be endorsed by D’addario, Sennheiser, Marshall Music and Clayton Picks.

RUNNING OUT OF CONTROL is available on his album Here’s to the Now  on all digital platforms here:




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