A South African story about addiction, redemption and family-ties now on Showmax

The Loft House, now available in CUM Books and on Showmax for streaming, is a heart-hitting, South African, faith-based drama movie centering around the themes of addiction and reconciliation which takes the audience on a journey of inner healing and forgiveness.

Addiction and substance abuse are addressed bluntly and directly in the movie, bringing viewers closer to understanding the world of addiction. The addiction theme is layered with complex family relationships and a gentle nod to the prodigal son parable.

Written and directed by Ferdinand W Gernandt, The Loft House was conceptualised and created by a group of South African creatives who came together to realise their passion project in the most unique way. The Loft House was mainly crowd-funded and brought to life by a community who wanted to express the restoration message through their collective creative contributions.

‘Filmmakers know that even if a film project is fully funded it presents its own set of challenges but replace that secured funding with faithful prayer and a committed community, that is when you witness God’s miracles first-hand. We did not complete this film because of our skills, we completed this film because of His grace.’ says Ferdinand.

Deploying a bold mixture of Christian messaging and unflinching frankness to tell its story of overcoming family conflicts, abolishing racial divides, and the meaning of Godly relationships, The Loft House centres around themes of abuse and addiction, recovery and reconciliation and ultimately the hope that healing can happen.

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When it comes to movies about substance abuse and addiction, you might find yourself scrolling through a very long list. However, movies that actually get substance abuse and addiction right are merely a handful and The Loft House is definitely one of them.   

The Loft House director, Ferdinand is fast becoming one of South Africa’s most versatile and celebrated directors and screenwriters. His extensive film experience, both in front of and behind the camera, boasts a career that stretches over 20 years in the entertainment industry.

The Loft House has recently garnered the acclaim of being part of the official selections at EKO International Film Festival and Crown Wood International Film Festival respectively.

Make sure to check out The Loft House on Showmax here: https://www.showmax.com/eng/movie/864vlft3-the-loft-house

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