Celebrate Easter Weekend With iOP Worship

“It is not about the face or the name, it is about the music that will infiltrate the world with unforgettable melodies and a message that will transform lives.”

iOP (Instruments of Peace) consists of a team that has achieved many accolades over the years in the secular market.  With over 80 commercial number one hits in South Africa, as well as achieving international success, they have come together to write songs specifically for the global church.  The aim is to introduce brand new fresh songs that are sing-along and Scripture-based.

iOP titled “What He Says About Me” – is a Gospel/Worship album recorded in studio.


Michael Pope, who is the main electric guitarist for Bethel Music, featured on this album and the recordings were managed between South Africa and Nashville during the Covid pandemic.  He has been involved with Bethel albums such as “We Will Not Be Shaken”, “Tides” “Starlight”, “You Make Me Brave” and “For the Sake of the World”.

The vocalists, who choose to remain nameless and faceless on this project, has featured on many top-selling records in their individual capacities, achieving gold, platinum, and multi-platinum status.

During recordings, the presence of God was experienced in a great measure and special moments were included in the recordings.


The album consists of 18 tracks.

The first single, In His Hands, is a new song inspired by the old hymn: “His got the whole world in His hands”.  However, this is a brand-new upbeat song with a unique style and sung by South Africa’s current top female artist. 

Another single, “Forgive”, is a song that deals with one of the hardest subjects for any person to deal with in life and encourages to forgive.  Other songs that will resonate with the worshiper include “You/Me,” “I long for You,” and “I’m Yours”.  The song, “Waterfall” emerges with lyrics: “Jesus, you’re like a waterfall to me, waterfall to me, Beloved, you rush right through me”.


1.     What He Says About Me
2.     In His Hands
3.     Irresistible
4.     My King
5.     I Long for You
6.     Forgive
7.     A New Thing
8.     Waterfall
9.     I’m Yours
10. Nothing Without You
11. You/Me
12. Instruments of Peace
13. In The Beginning
14. Fire
15. Underneath the Oak Tree
16. Breathe on Me
17. My Testimony
18. Horizon


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LISTEN TO ALBUM: (Available 2 April 2021)


WATCH IN HIS HANDS VIDEO HERE: (Available 2 April 2021)


More information about album contact: jacomien@inhoudhuis.co.za or leozelle.bekker@umusic.com