Well-known SA band, Rubber Duc honour all moms with new single!

In celebration of Mother’s Day on 9 May, the well-known and beloved South African band, Rubber Duc, has announced the release of a brand new single. Titled MAMA, the track honours the one person in life who is there through thick and thin and celebrates the one love that never falters – a mother’s love.  

The song was written by frontman Nick Jordaan as a Mother’s Day gift to his mom, but the message is universal and pays homage to mothers everywhere.

“It’s very easy to write about love and heartbreak. We’ve done it often,” says lead singer Nick Jordaan. “But we often forget to thank the people in our lives who stitch us back together when we fall apart. Those who lift us up when we are down. Those who will forever walk the road alongside us because we are a part of them – we share their features, their values, and their DNA.” 

While the song is celebratory, the band hopes that listeners will connect with it on an emotional level and that they will find meaning in the message. “We hope it encourages family connection and retention, and that it is able to heal, fix and mend. This song is yours as much as it is ours,” says Jordaan.

The release of the single comes with an amazing and unique offering to their fans. “After a year with no live performances, musicians around the world are hoping to connect with their fans via blockchain and through exciting new technology known as non-fungible tokens, or NFTs. These are tradable digital collectors’ items which offer a unique way to get our music and bonus content straight into the hands of our fans,” explains bassist Amiel Gopal.

“Since the introduction of streaming platforms, ‘ownership’ of music and CDs has been lost. Through the purchase of a MAMA NFT, you can own a unique digital edition of the song. For the first time since the demise of physical albums and iTunes, buying, trading and gifting music is back, all thanks to blockchain technology.” 

Rubber Duc, a proudly South African band with great personality, meaningful lyrics, and often interesting instrumentals consists of Nick Jordaan (frontman), Brendan Campbell (lead guitar), Amiel Gopal (bass), Kabelo Seleke (saxophone) and Nicholas McCreadie on drums and burst onto the South African music scene in March 2014. They released their highly successful debut album, The Secret Sunrise, in September 2016, and are on track to release a new album towards the end of this year. “We are very excited about our upcoming album. We are returning to our Rubber Duc roots, with just a touch of 2021 magic, as can be heard on MAMA.” 

MAMA will be available nationwide on all digital platforms from 7 May. (Fans can listen to the song before its official release date by taking a look at the NFT links, which will be released on 28 April.

Listen: https://opensea.io/assets/0xd07dc4262bcdbf85190c01c996b4c06a461d2430/524954
Buy: https://rarible.com/token/0xd07dc4262bcdbf85190c01c996b4c06a461d2430:524954:0xadbaa2d13c7d09358438c1e9c3781228c33de938?tab=details

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