Cindy-Louise is back with Rise Up, an energetic new single!

“It is something completely different from what I usually write, but the power in the song is mind-blowing and the energy just lifts my spirits,” shares South African singer and songwriter, Cindy-Louise about the meaning behind her latest single, RISE UP, which has just been released.

According to the versatile musician, currently based in the Netherlands, the song is the perfect fusion between soft rock, pop and classical music and boasts a catchy, uplifting sound that is guaranteed to make listeners smile.

She explains: “It is a kind of rising from the ashes story. Breaking free from other people’s expectations and moving forward with the support of my family and fans.”

The track, written by the artist herself, will also be accompanied by a music video that is scheduled for release later this month.

It was directed by Antonia Ackermans from Manda Productions and was filmed with an abstract approach and special camera techniques to complement the strong message conveyed in the song.

“Antonia was just fantastic and truly exerted herself to ensure the video was conceptual and playful by combining old and new film techniques,” says Cindy-Louise. “The scenes are also very cool, and the colors used make for a visually pleasing scene.”

RISE UP follows hot on the heels of her previous single, Femme Fatale, which was extremely well received and has already been streamed more than 22 000 times on Spotify alone. The music video has also had nearly 55 000 hits on YouTube.

Cindy-Louise made her debut in 2019. In addition to a few popular singles (Make It Out Here Alive, The Mask), she also recently released her first album, Humanity in 2021.

The artist has a lot of exciting plans for the future that include releasing new music that incorporate a different mix of genres. “I am always busy entertaining and connecting with my fans. If you haven’t yet seen my, Instagram, TikTok or YouTube channel, go and have a look to stay up to date with my upcoming releases and new and interesting adventures (especially in the Netherlands).”

Despite being far from home, it is important for Cindy-Louise to share her music with local fans. RISE UP combines powerful lyrics and a catchy tune that will definitely resonate with audiences of all walks of life.  

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