Simone Govender’s new single packs a powerful punch!

There’s a new singing sensation in town! Super talented, Simone Govender packs a powerful message with her brand-new upbeat pop song, NEED TO BE YOURS, and makes one think about how radically different the world would be if each of us actually acted like we all had inherent value. “We often depend on others to love us in order to feel like we are enough,” explains Simone, “but the truth of the matter is that we are enough just the way we are.”

This incredible new song, written by the singer with the assistance of Nick Jordaan (Rubber Duc) and Hugo Ludik (ADAM), came about in response to what is happening in the world. “With the arrival of the global pandemic, the live music scene started dying, and artists were suddenly out of a job. I was starting to lose hope,” says Simone.

“However, I am someone who struggles to let things go and I always tend to overthink a situation. I kept saying I was over a specific situation, but my mind kept drifting back to it. I saw it as an opportunity and presented my idea to Nick and Hugo, who helped me capture my thoughts and feelings, turning it into an incredible song.”

Working on NEED TO BE YOURS, turned out to not only be a great experience, but it also reignited Simone’s hope. An added bonus for the young musician is that she had the opportunity to work with one of her favourite bands, Rubber Duc, in the process.

Although she is not willing to reveal too much, Simone says there is a music video in the pipeline for the track.

Simone was born in Durban but moved to Johannesburg as a child. She started piano lessons at the age of five and picked up the guitar when she was fourteen. It was then that she realised that she wanted to make music for a living.

After school she studied psychology, graduating in 2017. That same year she started pursuing music full time. Since then, the singer has performed with artists such as Jesse Clegg, GoodLuck, Rubber Duc, Bad Peter, Majozi, Desmond and the Tutus, and many more. She has also played at festivals such as Splashy Fen – a career highlight, she says – and Afriski, as well as at various venues across the country.

Simone says that worship has had a huge influence on her love for music, as she believes that it not only brings different people together, but that it gives people a voice, a form of expression and freedom. This relates closely to her favourite quote by Edgar Winter: “Music is very spiritual; it has the power to bring people together.”

She has also always regarded music as a form of communication and expression. “I could always count on a song to pin down exactly how I felt. The fact that music allows me to do the same for other people pushes me to write and create the artform.” As for musical influences, she looks to Ed Sheeran. “Besides his incredible vocals and live performances, his songwriting is truly inspiring.”

In addition to working on her music – Simone plans to release an EP in the next year – she is keen to travel and share her music with the world (once she is able to safely do so, of course). At the moment, though, she stays busy by tutoring.

Although she is a relative newcomer to the scene, NEED TO BE YOURS proves that Simone has staying power. A feel-good song with relatable lyrics that will get listeners on their feet.

The single is available on all digital platforms. Download it here:


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