Singer/songwriter JOSH MOREIRA releases EP “Homegrown”

The engaging 18-year old singer/songwriter Josh Moreira delivers a bumper release to his
South African supporters on Friday 30 July with his debut EP Homegrown, his second single
off the EP as well as its music video; Fingertips, now being available across all digital

All this before he heads overseas to fulfil a life-long ambition to study in the USA in early
The 7-track EP Homegrown and across all digital platforms via Distrokid with the new single

Fingertips available HERE

Fingertips Music video:

His teenage years belie his music credentials, having been musical all his life. He picked up a
guitar at the age of 4 and began learning songs by ear. Fourteen years later he now adds
piano, ukulele and bass to the mix.

Josh wrote his first song at the age of 8 and has already had multiple single releases under
his belt, all receiving great critical acclaim and radio rotation on many popular local stations.
These releases include Falling Apart (2018 – when he was just 15), Ablaze (2019) and more
recently, the first single from the Homegrown EP; Nike Airs in 2020 which talks about having
anxiety during lockdown.

Lockdown struck in 2020 when Josh was in matric, and he decided to give himself a new
challenge; to put out music that was one hundred percent JOSH. Josh has a knack for
storytelling and his debut EP most certainly reflects that.

Josh reflects; “Homegrown crept up on me quietly. I had made portions of songs that
weren’t much on their own, but once I listened through all of them, it hit me. This could be
my debut EP if I put in a bit more work. And so, in the height of lockdown, I worked for the
entirety of April and May in 2020 to get all these songs finished.” 

He continues; “After a difficult matric year, I began to learn how to mix and master, only
fully completing Homegrown in June of 2021. Although that seems like a long time to
complete an EP of only seven songs, I aimed for as much perfection as my bedroom studio
could give me.

What sets Homegrown apart from others for a young talent like Josh is that it’s all 100%
JOSH. In true lockdown fashion, he wrote, laid down the vocals, played all musical
instruments, mixed, mastered and produced it all himself. Then he went on to film and
produce his own music video for Fingertips.

Josh took inspiration from Jeremy Zucker and Jon Bellion for the 7-track EP, using their
genius and storytelling techniques to add to his own creations  so he could create an art
piece rather than a meaningless combination of sounds. 

This EP will always remind Josh of home. It’s as raw as it could be for him. Sitting for hours
into the night trying to fix certain issues with songs and then climbing into a bed not even a
metre away was a dream come true for him. He was finally living the fantasy of his 4-year
old self. His music was finally coming to fruition, right there in his bedroom. 
He now has the exciting opportunity to head to the USA where he has enrolled in a 2-year

study programme in Business Administration & Management at Jamestown Community
College in the state of New York.

He flies out to Newark, USA in early August to quarantine in accordance with Covid-19
regulations, before orientation and studies begin later in the month.
The long-term goal is to use the knowledge gained while in North America to start his own
record label.

But first – his short term goal besides studying, is to immerse himself in the American music
culture and use the time to hone his new skills of production, song-writing, and mixing to
ensure they are comparative to those of his idols.

Josh states; “I am nervous and excited to head out to the unknown but this has always been
a dream of mine to challenge myself and study overseas and make a name for myself with
regards to my music. I want to use this time to soak up as much knowledge and first-hand
experience as I can. I know that I’m going to miss home a lot, though. South Africa is where
my roots are, where my history is.”

He concludes; “It’s time for a new journey. But before I do that, I felt there was no better
time to release Homegrown. This is my ‘goodbye’ and ‘thank you’ to everyone who’s
supported me. This is me. This is authentic. This is Homegrown.”

The 1 st single from the EP, Nike Airs is also available HERE

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